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As I am reading Exodus, I am realizing that much of this book is dedicated to God’s introduction to His people.  I discussed in my last blog (Slavery in Egypt- IS THAT LOVE??!!??) that God sent the Israelites to Egypt out of Love.  His people needed to have a safe place where they could grow in numbers and stay pure.

As I continued to read, I notice that the next 400ish years go silent.  The story returns with Moses being born and being called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.  What has been happening for the past 400 years?  Are the Israelites hearing from God during this time?  Are they worshiping Him?  Are they remembering Him? I think no, because nothing is mentioned in God’s word.

When God instructs Moses to lead His people out of Egypt- Moses asks…..  “What if they ask me WHO YOU ARE????”  (Exodus 3: 13-14) If Moses was worried that the Israelites might not REMEMBER God- God needed to INTRODUCE HIMSELF!  He DEFINITELY DID this and in a MOST GODLY WAY!!!  He demonstrated His  POWER, LOVE, and PROVISIONS by performing ALL of the various signs and wonders that we read about in Exodus 7-11 (the plague of frogs, gnats, flies, livestock,boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the plague on the firstborn) . God wanted the Israelites to know that they would be  in GOOD HANDS on their journey! GOD IS A GOD OF LOVE!!!  HE IS THE PERFECT LEADER!!!  HE IS THE ULTIMATE PROVIDER!!!! He would care for them every step of the way!!

The Egyptians have other “gods”.  They do not worship Yahweh.  They definitely are not teaching the Israelites about Yahweh.  The Israelites are so busy being the Egyptian’s slaves that I don’t think they have much time to meet together to reflect on the “God of their ancestor Abraham”.

God is very organized and intentional.  He KNEW what He was doing!  He had EVERY step of His plan methodically thought out BEFORE He even spoke to Abraham about the promised land.  Every plan has steps which need to be followed to obtain a desired end result.

Let’s compare God’s plan of creating, growing, and preparing Israel to baking a cake. First He created the nation of Israel through Abraham, then he GREW the nation by sending them to Egypt, now He will Introduce Himself to them as their Lord and Provider.  I found this analogy as I was studying- and I LOVED IT:

“I think you will come to see, however, is that what God did with Israel was to metaphorically make a cake. God carefully selected the ingredients to make Israel; then He mixed them until properly blended, and next set the mixture in an oven to be baked. He set His heavenly timer for exactly the amount of time He knew was needed for this Hebrew cake to congeal and to rise and to become usable….400 years…..and He waited. Although He undoubtedly monitored the baking process, in general, there was no need for substantial intervention on His part. The cake would remain in the oven until the timer went off, and it was finished baking. Well, when God opened the oven, out popped Israel. And, apparently there was little point in His telling us the details of what went on during the time Israel was baking in the oven of Egypt. So, the Bible contains almost nothing of those years.”  (Torah Class.com)

My thoughts and questions for Today……

1.  In times of my life when God is silent, maybe I am in a “growth oven”.  Maybe Yahweh is waiting for my oven- timer to buzz. Maybe I am being prepared for something and He is watching with oven mitts in hand to pick me up and move me to the next step!!

2.  I need to look for ways that God is trying to DAILY re-introduce Himself to me on a deeper level!!  He has provided SO much for me over the past year:  a loving husband, a beautiful home, a group of amazing strong Christian friends!!!  I need to ALWAYS have my eyes and ears OPEN to NOTICE God’s Love for me!!!


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