Simple Journaling–Just Start!

Hey everyone! Nicole here…

I hope you are as ready as I am for the new study of Exodus to start!  I can’t wait to learn, discuss it with you, and see your visual reactions to what you are reading, learning, and binding to your hearts.  That is what my favorite part of faith art journaling is!  When we process something in more way than one we are FAR more likely to remember it.  Not only are you using your sight to read, your ears to listen, but also touch to put it to paper.  Three times you will imprint God’s words!

You can already see some of my art pieces in the sidebar.  (And come visit it me at my site!–new art every week day–I’d love to have you join me there as well.  And prints are available through my Etsy store.)  For the most part, what I do is pretty straight forward–as you will see in the tutorials I will share.  But for newbies, I thought it might be good to share some of my first entries from when I started three years ago.  Most of these were my reactions to what I read.  In a lined notebook.  Simple supplies.  Keeping it basic.  Sound good?  Let’s take a peek…


Most of these are the kinds of doodles you can do while on the phone!  When we get started you can recreate my art, or maybe you will get ideas from these to go off on your own.  I want you to feel empowered to use your own creativity.  Don’t worry about your handwriting–it should be YOURS.  Someone down the road should be able to look at and recognize your soul coming through your hand onto the pages.


Notice how in the sun I used a prayer from the bulletin at church.  Just glued it down and painted right over it.   The next one I just wrote the words, but connected the last word to the first with a big ole circle.  And I stamped some butterflies in the back.


Sometimes I started with a simple flower that I colored at least 3 colors, sometimes with a crazy octopus or sun shape,   Just draw lines all over the page and start writing on them.

This one below is one of the easiest!  Draw several rectangles, doodle around the edges, paint each one a different color, journal inside.

Sometimes it just takes writing some lowercase, some uppercase words to make it feel special.  Then highlight certain areas with flat stripes (washes) of paint.

These next three I started doing a little more…I got out some stencils and messed with layering lots of different colors.  The flowers I painted sheets of some old book and cut them out and glued them down.


And then I started mixing more kinds of handwriting–fonts if you will– but the premise is still really simple–circle and raindrop shapes.  A little color.  A little scribbling on top.

You can see I would add more journaling on the backs of the pages.  Sometimes prayers.  Sometimes lists.  Anything that came to mind.

Hope these stir your creative juices!  I am excited to see what you all do!

In Christ’s peace,


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