Discussion Questions: Week 2

This week  we read how God will sometimes allow difficult things to happen to His people for their own good. We learned that God allowed the Israelites to be slaves in Egypt as a way to protect them and keep them “pure.”

We also discussed how at other times difficult things happen simply because we live in a fallen world.

In both instances, God approved or not, God CAN use the experience to GROW us.


No matter what we are going through, God truly does LOVE us.


Discussion Questions

Beauty for Ashes-

Is your heart heavy,
are you in pain
do your troubles . . .
fall like acid rain?

Are you in mourning,
is your heart broken
do you feel as if . . .
time has been frozen?

Are you in despair,
haven’t a notion
are you just going . . .
through the motions?

Do you feel hopeless,
times hitting you hard
has anguish left you . . .
despondent and scarred.

Well don’t you give up,
don’t fall into a heap
joy will come after
all the tears you weep.

God’s making something,
beautiful out of you . . .
just give Him your cares
and all things He’ll make new!


Copyright 2014
Deborah Ann Belka

  1. Is there a time in your life when you did not understand something that God allowed to happen?
  2. During this time how did you react to God?  Did you run towards Him or away from Him?
  3. If you were mad at God, did you tell Him?
  4. How did God react to you? Did you sense that He was trying to tell you something?
  5. Did God bring anyone into your life to comfort you and try to lead you closer to Him?
  6. Do you find it easy or difficult to let God have your pain?  Why?
  7. How has God grown you through a painful experience?
  8. What is your big “takeaway” this week?

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