Being Authentic

Good morning!  I thought I would share a little more about me this morning:

Being AUTHENTIC.  That is something that we all struggle with, right?  In this crazy world that often wants us to conform, we can lose our sense of who God created us to be uniquely.  I know as a young mom, I fell into that trap.  But I am reviving who I am!  God is leading me along the way.  I am believing more that He loves me, He created me uniquely, and He needs me to be that person.  My job is to believe it.

So who am I?

I am a mom to these guys:


Phoebe is 12, Annika is 10 and Tanner is 7.

I am a wife to Jeff:

He doesn’t like it when I take his picture.  I love how much he makes me laugh!

I am an artist and teacher.

I am 40 and I love it.

I am a Christian.

I am trying to be gluten and dairy free.

I am spontaneous, flexible, honest, a bit giddy and excitable, a bit scattered–but try to be organized.

Tired a lot, need naps.

I prefer dresses and skirts.  I wear a lot of jewelry and the bigger the better.  Even though I am short, only 5’2″, and very pear shaped.

I drive a Ford Flex that is red with a white top.

I am not patient, romantic, or athletic.  Crowds can make me act different.  Not good at technology, but work with it all the time.  I am horrible at talking on the phone, but can talk for hours in person.

I am not bitter memories or my sins of the past.  I will not let those define the me I am today.  And neither will Jesus–He forgave them and moved on.  I need to do the same.

I know who I am.  God is proud of that.  He wants me this way.  Have you sat down and thought about who God created you to be?  Who He LOVES?  It is such an empowering and calming thing to do.  Just like the vision boards…I am working on mine…will post soon.  🙂

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