Ecclesiastes Art lesson

Hello!  I have to be honest, this week I struggled with coming up with a design for our project!  I wanted to include the three pieced cord, but in a different way than the coloring sheet.  I wanted to highlight more of the verse:  the labor, uplifting, and strengthening.  So this is what I finally came up with!

I liked how in some ways it looks intricate, but really it is quite simple when you get down to it–just like God’s love!  I liked the way the three colors worked together to blend and become something new and fabulous.  Just like when we blend God’s love into our labor.

So here’s how you do it:  (if it still feels too complicated, you can right click the finished tracing and print it from there)


  1.  Start by cutting out the leafy shape out of paper.  That will probably be easiest or you try freehand drawing the shape.
  2. Trace the shape in the up right position.
  3. Move the shape so that the tip overlaps the bottom of the one you traced, and trace again.  You can see in the photo how they line up–the tip about 1/3 of the way up and the edge resting along the original trace.
  4. Do the same on the other side.


5.  Next I drew a little heart on the inside shape it created.

6.  Draw a line that connects each tip of the leafy shape–obviously I didn’t worry about it being perfect!  Just something to write words on.  Then I drew a frame about 1/2 inch away from that line.

7.  Write the words: use mine, use the actual verse, or use what you took away from the devotion!

8.  Paint!  I did the red leaf, then blue, then purple.  Add in green, yellow, and rays coming from the frame.  I added a cross at the top.

9.  Go in with colored pencil and add doodles to add interest and texture.

10.  ALL DONE!

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