Delight Yourself Art Tutorial and Coloring



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Psalm 37:4

How true is it that we only find our true happiness in our Lord?  He has created us to seek HIM, not earthly things.  They will never ever satisfy the deep longing in our hearts that God planted there–the longing for His love.  And when we take what He so freely gives us, our hearts bloom–they go from a little bud to a gorgeous bursting open, overflowing with joy heart.  That cannot happen with anything from the earth, anything human created.  Only from Jesus.  So dear hearts, delight in the free gift of that love and joy.  Let it sink into you and let your hearts bloom!

  1.  Draw a simple flower in the upper left corner.  Simple but big petals.
  2. Draw a stem down the left hand side.  Add a couple green leaves where the flower burst out of its bud.
  3. Add the lettering in pencil using a combination of printing and cursive.  Your authentic handwriting will be beautiful!  End the Psalm with the little heart, before it bloomed.
  4. Paint the background using a combination of blue and purple stripes.  Use lots of water (not puddles) to give the color a washed out look.  Let that dry.
  5. Paint the flower–bright, juicy color so it really pops.  Paint the heart.  Let dry.
  6. Go over the lettering with a black marker or pen.
  7. Use colored pencils to add the atmospheric circles throughout.  Use colored pencils to add red and orange scribbles to highlight the petals and heart.

Below I have left the black and white version so you can print it and color it if you desire.  Remember that Patricia Clement Hill also has another more detailed doodling color page in her Etsy shop–follow that link to get it.


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