Art Tutorial: Matthew 19:26 All Things Are Possible for God

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This  verse is so wonderful, so encouraging, just ….so.  I love that we can apply it in many ways, but when we look at it in direct context it has the most power of all–it shows just how connected we are to our God, it shows just how much He loves us.

I use the Oxford Annotated New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.  I got it 20 years ago as the required version for a history of the Bible course and intro to the Bible in college.  And I have used it ever since.  I do reference other versions often, but for me, this version is easily understood.  When I opened it up to this verse to do the devotion, my wording was slightly different.  I loved the way it distinguished us as mortal and God as immortal and all powerful, omnipotent, and I used that version.   This piece has a lot of symbolism that you can read about in the tutorial.

Matthew 19:26 All Things by Nicole Plymesser Nelson

This lesson I have lots of information for you!  And I made a couple videos as I went–lots of tips on watercolor this week and a peek at my tools, and I will talk you through most of the process.


Part One                    Part Two              Part Three

Let’s start:

20150921_064929 20150921_064956 20150921_065051 20150921_065133 20150921_065301    

  1.  Draw the feather/string of hearts down the side.  This doodle reminded me of stretching to heaven, flying up but also a string of just how much God loves us.  Start by drawing the line from the top of the paper down curving it slightly.
  2. Then you can create the hearts two ways:  just draw the hearts (top half of photo), or make the bumps down one side and then go back on the other side and draw the connecting and corresponding side (bottom half of photo).
  3. Add the chain down the right side of the paper.  I also liked this doodle for how it illustrates our connectedness to God.  This is just overlapping circles.
  4. Add the top and bottom lines connecting the feather and chain–draw two parallel lines, but add hash marks going all different angles–these symbolize our brokenness and sin.
  5. Write in the verse.  This lesson’s artwork fonts are just simple printing.
  6. Add the color with your favorite media.  For me the feather went red and then I added blue skies of the heavens and the grass of the world.
  7. Add extra doodle/scribbles for emphasis, shadows, and highlights.


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