Shake Yourself and Arise Art Tutorial Lesson

Shake Yourself and Arise

Leslie knew exactly what she wanted for this art piece.  I was leery—I don’t draw animals very often!  But I do draw motion!  And drawing this lion in action made the piece easy.  I have included step by step very detailed directions on how to draw the lion.   Painting is very straight forward, nothing exciting this time since the drawing itself takes center stage.  Here is the finished piece:

lion s

And following are my tracings and notes to walk you through the process.

No worries!  You will do great!

And here is how you draw him:





Go and Sin no More Art Directions

Go and Sin No More Tutorial


For me, the visual that stuck out in this story was of Jesus bending down to write in the sand with all the rocks piled around Him that no one could throw.  Not one of those people could throw a stone.  And then to be that woman—she had probably been hiding her eyes and looking down most of the time.  Her eyes would have been wide with fright, and then to see those words and the stones.  Wow.  So that is what I drew.


Really for such a powerful image, it is extremely simple to recreate.

  1. Draw the lumpy circle shapes starting in the bottom left corner and arcing up to the top right corner.  Add little pebbles in between.
  2. Along that art write the first part of the verse. Then in the center of the art you created write in bubble letters go and sin no more.
  3. Adding color: I used watercolors I started with the sand by adding browns and yellows.  You can do this one of two ways:  I just used a juicy brush on dry paper and let the two colors bleed together, but let the brush strokes stay. Or you can LIGHTLY wet the entire background and then add the browns and yellows with a juicy brush, let them mix more, and no brushstrokes.
  4. When it dried I went in and added darker brown and a more golden yellow in a few places to deepen the color.
  5. The rocks: I added blobs of greens—let that dry, added purple—let that dry—then blue, and finally the same with a very light grey.  Letting them dry keeps them from creating weird colors by mixing and kept them vibrant on the sand.
  6. Outline all the words and shapes with black marker or pen.
  7. I used colored pencil to go in and highlight with scribbles in a few places to make the colors stand out even more.

These are some hand-drawn notes to help:



New Beginnings Art directions

New Beginnings

When Leslie decided to name this study new beginnings, I was also in the middle of a plant unit with my homeschooled 7th grader.  So my brain spun to vines and leaves and new plants sprouting forth.  In my imagination I could see the new plant in the early morning dawn light pushing up through the garden dirt and turning toward the sun.

Scan-003 (1)

  1. I created this with watercolor.  I wet the entire piece of paper (to the point of being shiny, but no puddles) and then pooled the different colors on the page letting them bleed together a bit in a few places.  Use mostly yellow, then a bit of orange, pink or very watered down red, and then just a bit of purple.
  2. When that was dry I penciled in the vines, leaves, and the words. You can write new beginnings or you may choose to put in a word for the year to direct you.
  3. You will see the directions on how to draw below:
  4. Scan-010

The vine is just simple curved lines that end in a circle.

The leaves are fairly simple shapes, some with pointed tips, some rounded.  I then filled them with a variety of lines, shell patterns, or circles.


  1. After they were drawn in I used a variety of green colors to fill them in.  Try mixing 3 different shades of green by adding blue or yellow or red.
  2. When that was dry I went over the entire design with black marker.
  3. Finally I used colored pencil to mae scribbles in the background-covering each area with a like color (pink on pink, yellows on yellow, etc.)

n b

Exodus Week One Art Tutorial!

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This is the very first tutorial for creating an art piece to go along with our Exodus study!

Here is what I chose to highlight:


NIV Exodus 3:14-15

14 God said to Moses, “I am who I am.[a] This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”  15 God also said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘The Lord,[b] the God of your fathers—the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob—has sent me to you.’

Here is my finished piece of work:

This first time (of course) I forgot to take a photo of just my sketch of the words.  UGH!  So I will break down what you see above–I used a pencil to sketch these first steps:

1.  Traced out a quick rectangle in the middle of my page.

2.  Wrote the words I (cursive), am (started as simple printing and then drew on curlies), who in all caps, I as a bubble letter, and am in all caps (then drew on the lines at edges/serifs).

 Just mixing up the different kinds of letters makes a big difference!

3.  Wrote the rest of the words around the edge of the box.  Name of Bible verse at the bottom.

You can see below the pencil through my first watercolor washes.  I used purple for the majesty of God, and then the blue to represent His infinity.

4.  Washes:  get a medium brush really wet and get lots of color on the brush–I like to say it looks juicy.  A wash is just applying the color in thin layers to the paper.  It is good to see a little of the paper through.  I mixed a little red with the purple and a little purple and blue to get different colors/shades and just applied it in rectangles.  Let it dry completely.  You can use a hair dryer if you need to speed up the process.

5.  Next I used the black Sakura glaze pen to outline everything.  Any black pen will work great!  For the big letters I just double outline until the lines are thicker.

6.  Really we can stop here!  It looks great!  But…if you want you can add a little more dimension.  I used a plastic stencil (from any crafts store in the scrapbooking and stampling sections).  I just used a really wet watercolor brush to add a little to the side, and then swept a quick brushstroke around the edges with the same brighter blue.

You can get a similar look by just painting fun shapes or circles.

Try making a stencil even!  Have a green mesh strawberry carton?  Paint over that.  Or even the plastic holding bottles together, bubble wrap is fun to stamp, anything.

All done!  See that was easy!  And that whole time you were focusing on the word of God.  Praying and meditating on HIM.  Doesn’t it feel awesome!

I am so proud of you!  I can’t wait to do the next one with you!

If:  you decided to paint something different, or maybe you just want a print of my artwork to share with a friend, you can find prints for purchase at my Etsy site here.

Here is the coloring page: