Exodus Art Lesson #4: Manna



God poured down His love on the Israelites, raining manna from the skies.  I loved how Leslie pointed out in our lesson that it was a DAILY reminder that we need God, that He loves us, and that we can depend on Him through it all.

Have you ever stood in a warm rain and just let it caress and surround you?  Such a calming feeling.  To know that it is coming to wash everything new, help everything grow and be sustained.  This passage reminded me of that.

Now:  you might have a completely different way of expressing this!  Let God speak to you as you draw out His words.  Let His love fill you THIS DAY and depend on Him this day to fill your creativity well.  You may copy mine, but as always–take the instructions and learn from the art directions and process, and then pour your thoughts and heart onto the paper.  God will rejoice in what you create!

Here goes:

1.  I drew my letters first.

** One of you had a great question:  how do I decide what fonts and when to use capitals.  For me a lot of it is going with my gut–words that mean the most to me, that seem to stand out, that I want to emphasize get bigger, bolder, uppercase or special treatment.  For you, the word bread or heaven might be more important.  I tend to emphasize the verbs a lot–the actions, what God is doing.

**I get ideas for letters from different computer fonts.  Sometimes it is as easy as adding a serif–the little line on the tops and bottoms of printed letters.  Or adding a little curl.  I think of letters as shapes and I draw them accordingly–circles, rectangles, lines.  I always draw in pencil first so I can erase and change letters, sizes, and positions.  Then I go over it in ink or marker.

**Using stickers, stamps or tracing letters is a great way to get started as well!  Or even type the words in a computer, cut them out, and glue them down.

2.  I cut raindrops/manna drops out of paper and glued them down–glue stick, modge podge, Elmer’s whatever.  I used an old book page and then added a little white paint on top.  You could just use white paper.

** I love adding other paper on top.  I always have loved collage!  I think it adds a layer of dimension and texture that you can’t get otherwise.  I rip up old books, telephone books, receipts, whatever is laying around!

3.  I drew the rectangle frame around it and painted in the blue and purple watercolor.

4.  When all of that was dry I outlined the manna drops with black and added the hearts on top.  

5.  I finished by using colored pencils and markers to add the dots and the scribbles of purple.   You know I love to scribble on top!  And it truly is scribbling.  I just add bits of color.  It always adds just a hint of decoration without going over the top.

Good luck and enjoy your time creating and meditating with God on the scripture!