Advent Workbooks are HERE!!! :)


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EXCITING NEWS……..Our Advent Workbooks are now ready to order for $19.95 each!!!! I am so excited for this study!!! We will begin these lessons on November, 30th. A workbook is not necessary to join in. We will post all lessons and coloring pages on our Facebook page weekly. But, some people (like ME) need to have everything organized, printed out, and bound together to help them study better. For that reason we are offering workbooks to order. These also make GREAT gifts- wrap a workbook with a fun new box of crayons for that person on your Christmas list who is hard to buy for!!! 🙂

Here is the link to order:…/255772252/bible-stories-from-the-hea…

This is a 4 week Christian Bible Study devoted to Advent. Each of the four lessons and 2 bonus poems focuses on the birth of Jesus as told in the book of Luke. Each of these lessons and poems also has a matching coloring page for you to complete. We believe that intentionally slowing down as you read and study helps God’s Word to be savored so much deeper. By slowing down and coloring you will actually find that you will reflect so much deeper on what you have read. Think of the time spent coloring as time you are deliberately sitting at the feet of Jesus. During this time, leave all your chores and work behind and simply relax in God’s presence. Listen to some soft Christian music as sit and color. Let your mind go quiet. Allow God’s LOVE to flow through you… it will be AMAZING!!!

Also included in the workbook is an Advent Craft Idea- with directions on how to turn your coloring pages into a Christmas decoration to hang each year in your home.

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NEW CREATIVE Bible Study- order yours TODAY!!!!


Fun and unique Bible Study….

 PERFECT for all ages!!!

 Great for ANYONE who loves to color

Very CREATIVE way to study God’s Word

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Adult Coloring PLUS Christian Bible Study!! :)

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We combine art activities with each Christian Bible study lesson we study 🙂

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FUN and CREATIVE Christian Bible Study

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 Creative Christian Art Inspired Bible Study!!!

Combining ART with Bible Study to help you gain a DEEPER understanding of God’s Word 🙂

Bible study lessons and fun art activities posted weekly!!!

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Bible Stories from the Heart “Introduction to our Studies” :)



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Create Your Own FAITH Journal :)

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FREE Devotions and art pages are posted weekly!!!

Use our FREE coloring pages and devotions to create your own FAITH JOURNAL!!!!

Keeping a journal as you study God’s Word is a GREAT visual reminder

of God’s LOVE for YOU!!!


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Our Pages can be printed at a SMALLER scale and glued into small journals or Bibles


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CHRISTIAN Bible Study INFO!!! :)

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO JOIN THIS BIBLE STUDY _____________________________________________

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On-line Bible Study…..



1. Leslie will post a new lesson each Monday

2. With each lesson there will be scriptures for you to “INTERACT” with.  This interaction will consist of two parts….

3. The first part will involve a WRITING piece.  Abby will lead you through this using the  SOAP method.  The SOAP method is designed to help a reader slow down and REFLECT upon what they are reading.  S.O.A.P. stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. THIS is important anytime we study!  We MUST let the words ENTER us….  CHANGE us…  FILL us!!!!  The SOAP method will help us ABSORB the words!!!

Feel free to use a regular notebook for your SOAP journal….

 or you can purchase one of the following (if you wish)…………



4. The second part will involve an ART piece.  Nicole will lead you through this piece of our study.  Even if you are not artistic- TRY IT!  This art is for YOU- NO ONE ELSE… (unless you chose to share your work)….  it is a way to FEEL a DEEPER connection with your Heavenly Father.  Taking  time to CREATE will allow God to FILL through you on an even GREATER scale!!! Let’s TRY IT!!!  Let’s ALLOW God to FLOW through our hands and fingers as we ALLOW HIS WORDS to INSPIRE US!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂



           here is an example of the cute art we will be creating 🙂