Meet Nicole!


Hello!  I am so excited to meet all of you!  I am Nicole Plymesser Nelson, a Christian artist fulfilling my dream to share my art as a ministry.  Being able to share how art celebrates the beautiful world our Creator made has always been my goal, and illustrating and teaching here on Bible Stories from the Heart, is a perfect match!  You can see more about my art and meet me in blog posts over at–I post every week day.  Because I paint like a crazy woman!

I have been creating art of one kind or another my whole life, and have always been drawn to quotes and calligraphy.  My current art style and my blog grew out of  my morning journal.  For years, I sketched and painted, and starting in 1998, I kept a gratitude journal, writing down a few things each day to be thankful for, and my thoughts.  Then in 2012, my battle with depression got worse.  I discovered art journaling and I decided to make sure I would spend 15 minutes a day painting and drawing.  As I painted more, and as God whispered healing words to me, the artwork poured out along with my faith.  I decided to share some of the pieces on Facebook, and before I knew it, people were requesting more. Soon, I was blogging and selling prints on Etsy.

In addition to making art and writing I am a wife to Jeff my college sweetheart and soul mate.  And mommy and teacher to 3 kids:  Phoebe, Annika and Tanner.  We homeschooled three years, but two are ready to go back to public in the fall.


Some real background nitty gritty:

1.  I am the Midwest contingency for Bible Stories from the Heart.  We live just southwest of Chicago.

2.  I taught public school art (high school and elementary–my fave).  Now I teach private lessons to kids in my home.  And I offer faith journaling classes.

3.  I grew up in small town Iowa, but moved lots (seven different states).

4.  I cope with depression.   I have had some really, really bad stints, and I am really, really good at hiding it, so most people are surprised by how bad I let it get. Along with meds, faith, and my painting I am moving forward mentally healthy.

5.   I NEED color and sunshine.  Seriously need it.

7.  I am honest and my heart tends to be on my sleeve or leaking out of my eyes.

8.  I love to sing and dance.  And read.

Meet Leslie





I am SO excited that God has led me to begin this journey with you!!!

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Leslie.  I am a  devoted wife and mother.  I grew up in the church.  I have considered myself a Christian my whole life, but I have not always FOLLOWED God.  Over the years there have been occasions where I have made very BAD decisions.  These BAD decisions temporarily drew me away from God.

Luckily, God is the GREAT RESTORER!!!!  He has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself!  I am now choosing to GIVE my past pain and mistakes to HIM!!! I want Him to USE My STORY to help others!!!  You can read more about my past in the “My Story” section.

For the past 4 years I have led Bible studies in and around the Atlanta area.  I am OBSESSED with learning and growing!!!!  Leading groups has helped me stay INTENTIONAL about my spiritual GROWTH.

A little over a year ago I felt that God was “calling” me to share my thoughts and studies with others…

SO…..  I began an Adult Coloring Bible Study ministry: Bible Stories from the Heart 🙂

Since launching this ministry God has blessed us with an AMAZING Facebook family and given us the opportunity to publish several workbooks on Amazon.

God is SO GOOD!!!!!

PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY TEAM that God will continue to LEAD us in EVERYTHING we DO!!!!  THANK YOU for joining us in our journey!!!  We are NOT here by coincidence!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Personal Facts:

I attend 12 Stone Church

I am an elementary school teacher

I am happily remarried to a ROCK solid Christian man (we just celebrated our two year anniversary)

I have 3 children and 2 step children, and one super fantastic son-in-law (ALL are amazing and ALL very different)

I am BLESSED beyond measure that God is now using me to write Adult Coloring Bible Studies!!!  I am so honored and happy that He is allowing me to SHARE HIS INCREDIBLE LOVE with others 🙂

Meet Abby

I would like to introduce Abby!  She will be joining us on our QUEST to find and FEEL God’s love!.  Each week Abby will  lead us through our  scriptures.  She will demonstrate for us how to use the SOAP method as a way to REFLECT on God’s Word. Along the way she will share her thoughts and prayers with us.  We are going to learn SO much about GOD, about LOVE, and about FAITH!! I am EXCITED to begin this journey with my new partner, Abby!!!  God is SO GOOD!!!
Hi everyone!  I’m Abby and will be joining you all on this journey.  I thought I’d start out by letting you know a little bit about me.  I currently live in the Pacific NW with my two daughters, Kate (10) and Sam (6), and up until a year ago, the Midwest was home to us.
Before becoming a single mother, I was married for 9 years.  Sadly, I lost my husband to suicide on July 4th, 2011.  Since then, I have battled depression, insomnia, and was diagnosed with PTSD.  I have also been seeking professional help but something just wasn’t right.  I had questioned a lot of things after his death, especially my faith in God.
When you go through hardships in life, it does two things: it strengthens the bond with God or it breaks it.  I’ve been through the latter.  I was that person to ask God “Why? Why me?” and I even questioned if there was a God at one point.  I have never been through so many ups and downs with my faith like I have the past 4years and having two daughters that need that guidance for when they know the details of how their father passed away, I knew I had to do something about it.
Over the last two years, I have found myself wanting to dive back into my faith but didn’t know where to start.  I firmly believe that he has been trying to tell me that he is very much around and that he has bigger plans for me.  I wasn’t sure where to begin with this new found renewal in faith so I decided to do some research and came across a conversation string on Pinterest.  Enter Leslie and her online bible study she is starting June 1st.
It was truly a blessing that Leslie was placed into my life!  When she asked me to collaborate with her on this, I just knew, that this was right.  This is what I needed to restore my faith in God.  To be able to help by allowing you all to walk with me on this journey, is truly an incredible blessing.  I’m excited for this journey and I hope you are too!!