The Devil’s Dominoes




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My Story:

Don’t “play” with the devil.  Do not even touch his dominoes-even with the lightest touch of your pinky finger! He is a master gamesman.  He will suck you in.  You will come crashing down just as fast as those dominoes do!  I know this first hand.  Save yourself the heartache and learn from my mistake before you lose so much more than just a simple kid’s game!

My game with the devil should have never happened. I was raised in a Christian home, my father was a deacon, I was baptized at the age of 9, and yet I decided to play. I knew what sin WAS and had been WARNED about the devil, but I touched that domino! I became a sinner, a hypocrite, and a person that I totally despised!

My fall began with the infamous Facebook friend request.  That sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Well, it wasn’t!  That friend request was the first step onto sin’s pathway.  I should have never hit the accept button.

Facebook was a hot new thing in that day.  Everyone was using it to reconnect with old friends and past school acquaintances.  People were searching out all the people that they had lost touch with over the years.  I decided to do the same.

I remember fretting about what picture I should use for my profile.  Did I look fat in it? Did I look old, uncool? How would my old high school friends perceive me now? In a way, I felt like I was in high school again. The excitement of seeing old classmates and crushes was surreal!  What were they all doing now?  Would they like my pictures?  Would they think my comments were funny?  Would they message me?  Oh, my!  The pressure and the excitement were upon me in a huge way! I felt 17 years old again and it felt good!

Then the incredible happened!  I checked my email one Friday afternoon, and I had a notification for a friend request. This particular friend request was about to start the sin wheel in motion.   The request was from an old “friend”.  Seeing the notification gave me butterflies.  I felt all tingly and weak-kneed. After years of being “numb”- I was FEELING AGAIN!!!!!

Did I accept my old “friend’s” request to be my Facebook friend?  Are you kidding me….Of course I did!  I was in an unhappy marriage, and I was lonely.  I was totally disconnected from God and Satan knew it. The devil used this opportunity to grab me. I accepted that friend request so fast that my finger had a trail of Hell’s smoke coming off of it as it hit the “accept” button!

Getting attention on Facebook felt so right! I felt HAPPY! God wants me happy!  God is love!!  God loves me no matter what I do!  These were the half -truths that Satan was feeding me.  God did love me.  God did want me happy, but this friendship was WRONG- it would lead me to sin.  No sin is ever the answer.  God never wants His children to sin.   He knows that sin causes pain and hurt.  Love, true love, does not cause pain or hurt.

Looking back on it now, my fall was so predictable. I can clearly see where I was headed and how it was all going to end, but alas I continued down the path. I was under sin’s spell so deeply.  I am not even sure if knowing the end result would have stopped me. I was in love with the thrill and excitement.  Once you take the first baby step into sin, each step gets so much easier and so much more addictive.

The devil is a master deceiver. He is sneaky.  He is very good at what he does.  He chooses our WEAKEST moments to invite us to PLAY. He is a brilliant monster.  He has time on his hands. He works patiently and methodically to get us one baby step at a time onto his “game board”……………………….

He LURES us to “play”- He Bribes us with false happiness- THEN he DESTROYS us- BEWARE MY FRIENDS!!!!

My advice to you-

DO NOT PLAY with the devil!!!

IF you have BEGUN a game with THE EVIL ONE- STOP PLAYING IMMEDIATELY- throw away the game board and NEVER LOOK BACK!!!

In times of loneliness- BE ON YOUR GUARD because Satan is READY and WAITING to POUNCE!!!

DON’T be deceived with FALSE hopes of finding happiness through SIN’S DOOR- True happiness DOES NOT LIVE THERE!

STAY CONNECTED TO GOD!!!!  No matter WHAT you are feeling or going through- CLING TO GOD’S HAND- He WILL get you through to the other side SAFELY!!!!  J J J

GOD RESTORED ME!!!!!  He IS THE GREAT RESTORER!!!!! … HE CAN and WILL HEAL you if you are hurting!!! J

My RESTORATION STORY will be posted SOON- join this blog for updates!!!