Exodus Art Tutorial Week 6

This is the piece that I created for us all to do

.  Scan


But I also want to share these two with you:


I painted God’s Top Ten two years ago,and recently a company purchased rights to the image to print in Asia.  🙂  I found the wording on Pinterest I think.  I love how simple it makes it to follow.  I keep a print of this one in my kitchen where my whole family can be reminded of what God expects of us.  You can order prints of it here in my Etsy shop.  If you want to paint one like it, its pretty simple!  Just the writing and then I painted each rule different colors.  🙂

Then I found this in a devotion and painted it:


This one had a huge impact on me.  I never quite fully bought into complete obedience to God–or I should say, I wanted to be obedient but took it for granted that I was forgiven for all that I confessed, but when I saw this, it all fell into place.  I knew that God was not giving me check marks for everything I did or did not do.  I realized that I owed Him my obedience in complete gratitude.  That it is a way of worshiping him.  Of giving Him all of my love.  It is an act of surrender that He is leading me.  This artwork is also available in the shop here if you would like this reminder for you.

Anyway…just wanted to share those with all of you, and they were so applicable to this week’s lesson!

Here is our tutorial for this week with pictures:

Step One

I drew a rectangle. (I like frames, can you tell?)  Then I drew the scalloped pattern at the top–just doodle half circles across the top.  For the next row, start in the center of a half circle and draw one that connects to the middle of the next half circle in the first row.  Continue on.

Next I drew the line down, stopped to add a heart, from its base added another line and heart, and then the curl.

Step 2:

I added the lettering.  Mostly just simple capital letters–I just played more with size to give more emphasis this week.  By changing up the size and stacking some words I was able to fit it all in, and give it some interest.

Step 3:

Add color!  I painted, but you can use colored pencils or whatever.  Add blue to the scallops, green in the main rectangle.

Then I splattered with paint!  Just tap a wet brush against your finger and watch the color fly and dot the page.  Kind of fun!  Watch out, it will go beyond the paper.

And then paint the hearts red when the green is dry.   Otherwise they might run together!  I ended up adding  a red frame around it as well–just thought it needed more red.

Step four:  Outlining and doodle in the scallops:  I drew some circles in the top row of scallops and some lines in the third row.  I added some spirals to the hanging hearts.

These are very basic examples of zentangling:  a new name for doodling that encourages meditation and prayer.  You can search Pinterest or the internet and find lots of tutorials!  Plus there are many books published that you can find at craft stores or on Amazon.  My kids love to zentangle–and it is just called zen, it works with all faiths.  Kids, and really anyone, love the organized doodling aspect and they get great results no matter the talent level.


May you be blessed as God’s treasured possession and remember to obey His voice in your life!

I want to thank Leslie for inviting me to do these tutorials for you–this was an act of obeying for me–God gave me this talent and the purpose of using it to spread His gospel and love.  I hope it has enriched you!