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Our Pages can be printed at a SMALLER scale and glued into small journals or Bibles


    abby soap




you can use a simple pencil and piece of white paper if you choose….

BUT please follow along each week with Nicole’s art.  It will be a part of your WORSHIP time and REFLECTION 🙂


paper: Canson mix media sketchbook, Piccadilly journal, or composition notebook or all:)

watercolors, brushes, jar for hot water

Black pens–Sakura glaze or Sharpie, Pilot G-2 , and Pitt is another good choice

Colored Pencils: Prismacolor or Crayola

Glue: Elmer’s, Scotch craft glue, or Modge Podge

Supplies for Art Journal

Welcome everyone!  I am insanely excited to start our faith journaling road together!  We are going to have fun, go deep into our creative talents and faith wells, and find all sorts of wonderful surprises.  I can just feel it!

I wanted to get a list out to you of  supplies that you will see me use in the tutorials and that I use to create all of my artwork.  This post is actually a shorter version from a post at my blog (you can see it here).  There you can see a more in depth version.  🙂

 At the end of this post you will also find a shopping list to get you started–shop your home first (you will be amazed at what you have), then use those 40% off coupons and have fun at the craft stores and on Amazon!

Let’s start with paper:  I use a separate sketchbook or notebook.  I have been doing it this way for three years now, but was used to sketchbooks from way back in high school (eek!  20 years ago at least).  Journaling Bibles will be awesome too!  I am just stuck in my ways!   I like to collage, use acrylics sometimes, and if I don’t like it, then I rip it out and use that for collage too.  I also really like having separate books that I have made with all of my favorite verses.  And if I am really touched by certain words, I have been known to do them over and over.  What I teach will work on any surface, for any application–I want you to be able to make this your own!

My choices:

1.  Canson mixed media brand is my all time fave and I actually have it in several sizes.  I really like the bright whiteness of this paper.  And it holds up to my watercolors pretty well.  I prefer the 7×10 size.  But there are several to choose from.  Available even at Walmart!

2.  Strathmore Mixed Media:  another choice that is nice and white.  **Whiteness = purer colors.


3.  Piccadilly journals:  LOVE these little journals.  I love the size, the lines are light gray and easy to hide if I want, but are great for writing, the paper really holds up nicely to watercolor and collage–nice and heavy, and it is bright white.  They are hard to find sometimes.  So Amazon is becoming my best way to get them.  If you like to do a lot of writing or would like to write out prayers with your art (I do this a lot) this is your go to book.  But really a composition notebook from the dollar store is awesome.  IMAG1905

Collage paper:  I love a good dictionary page, the words add a lot of texture.  Look for them at Goodwill for 50 cents.  Happy Dance! Reader’s Digest books and old sheet music are other favorites.

I like gluing it down with the Mod Podge.  But I also like good old Scotch craft glue also. Elmer’s works fine, but it takes forever to dry.


OOOO, my paints.  FAVORITE part of all.  I am very very biased in this case:

Set on the left is from Yarka, get it on Amazon, runs about $65 but will last forever and the colors are outstanding.  Palette on the right is filled with tube watercolors.  I like Windsor and Cotman.  Can also get pricey, but I use them to create full size professional paintings as well.  These are what you will see me using.  Here is a nice little set for $16!

Bargains:  you cannot go wrong with good old Crayola!  Back when I was teaching elementary, I stocked my cabinets with them!

Brushes:  seriously, the cheap sets at any store are great.  Try to get one with a pointed tip, one with a flat, and then a big brush (like an inch wide).


And then to write.  So many possibilites, but I have narrowed it down to these little lovelies:

from left to right


Magic Rub Eraser from Prismacolor.  Best. Eraser. Ever.  Will not tear paper and even erases colored pencil!  Buy in bulk.

Sakura glitter pens are lovely for highlights.

Pilot G-2 in 10 for nice, black, even flow gel pen to journal and write prayers.

Sakura black Glaze pens for outlining and quotes.  LOVE the glossy, black, raised surface.  **Also like Sharpie fine pen/markers.

Painters opaque paint markers in white and black.  They work, don’t blot, and last fairly well.  Use the white most.

My good old Strathmore calligraphy pen, still my fave after 30 years together.

Zig calligraphy markers for a bit of color and really big lettering.

And Prismacolor colored pencils, really why buy anything else?  Again even the art store brands do not even compare.  Start with a small set with a coupon and build up.  They are super soft for easy coloring.  Again, Crayolas are a good one for beginners.

Forgot to photograph pencils.  I use anything.  🙂

So let’s recap– what are your essentials?

paper:  Canson mix media sketchbook, Piccadilly journal, or composition notebook or all:)

watercolors, brushes, jar for hot water

Black pens–Sakura glaze or Sharpie, Pilot G-2 , and Pitt is another good choice

Colored Pencils:  Prismacolor or Crayola

Glue:  Elmer’s, Scotch craft glue, or Modge Podge

This little list will get us started!  We can always build from here!  Cannot wait to see what you all create!