We are spending the next 2 weeks preparing our hearts and minds for both Thanksgiving and Adent.

As a way to reflect upon our extreme THANKFULNESS some of the members of:


will be sharing their testimonies.


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Meet :

Wendy Kay

Wendy Kay Headshot 5

When I was in my early teens I knew I was a daughter of God. I was very close to my Heavenly Father and I knew He had big plans for me.  He was guiding me to attend a Christian college and even to serving a one year mission for the church.  I looked forward to my future.  I couldn’t wait to find my husband that I was sure to meet along the way.  We would be married and have four children.  We would go to church together every Sunday.  I would have the luxury of being a stay-at-home mom and a loving, attentive wife.

Well, I did get married, four times.  I even have four children — three girls and a boy.  I was pregnant at sixteen and married at seventeen.  My oldest two daughters were from my first marriage and I was fortunate enough to be home until after my divorce.  

My son and youngest daughter were from husband number two.  My son came after my first marriage but before my second marriage.  My daughter was born after I separated from my second husband.  Are you following me?

I was sure that husband number three was finally the right husband for me.  I had my tubes reversed so I could give him a baby or two that he could call his own.  I did get pregnant and ended up having a tubal pregnancy.  We lost our only chance of a baby, and he found a new woman at work to “talk” to.

I went on to marry husband number four, although I broke up with him once while we were dating knowing we were not a good match for each other.  I was so great at convincing myself and everyone in my life that I was doing the right thing.  His extramarital affair with his “go-to girl” was my personal rock bottom – the only time I’ve truly contemplated suicide.

I’m surprised that my picture isn’t next to the definition of the word “sinner” when I do an Internet search.  I no longer believed that I was a child of God.  My life had been a cycle of making poor choices, followed by some pretty horrible consequences.  Did I mention that I had two DUI’s during my past crappy life cycle?  Yep! It’s true…I don’t think I can cross the border into Canada yet.  

My most recent ex-husband can’t be blamed for me contemplating suicide.  He doesn’t even realize that I considered that an option, unless he’s read my book. Good things came from my rock bottom night.  I wrote my first book, “The Unfair Affair – How to Save and Strengthen Your Marriage, or Move on With Confidence, After Infidelity” and became a Certified Life Coach.  I do affair recovery and wellness coaching because I know from personal experience what it takes to pull yourself out of the deepest, darkest hole there is to create a new, improved story with a much happier, healthier ending.

The best part of my rock bottom:  I realized that I still have a Heavenly Father who loves me!  He knows me better than I know myself and He still has big plans for me.  He knew I couldn’t do one more thing without His help.  When I was lying on the bedroom floor, I cried out to God.  I told Him I was done.  I was too tired to make the next move.  It was then that He lifted me up.  And when I curled up under the covers in bed, I could feel and hear Spirit or Holy Ghost whispering to me that I would never be alone again.

I used to be so ashamed and humiliated for the crappy life cycle I put myself and my children through.  I don’t want you to think that my ex-husbands were the only ones to blame. I made plenty of bad choices all on my own.  I feared the judgment that was going on behind my back.  I shrunk when people made comments about how many times “so and so” has been married (gasp!) because I could always one-up them.  

It took some time but I finally learned to look in the mirror, literally, and love the reflection staring back at me.  She was, and still is, worthy of better.  She deserved then, and still does, to be loved, cherished, and respected.

I have forgiven myself for my past.  I’ve forgiven my ex-husband number four and his “go-to girl”.  I still have some forgiving to do, but I want to take the time to do it right.  Most importantly, I have asked for forgiveness from my Heavenly Father.  I was really scared that this divorced girl was going to be handed a one-way ticket to hell because of the many sermons I’ve heard saying it is so for divorced women.  Why would I want to keep on living, loving, and serving others if my only hope is hell?  God kept me around for a reason and I believe He has enough room in heaven for one more.

I want you to know that if you’re reading this and believe there is no hope for you because of your crappy past or present, don’t give up!  There is hope and your Heavenly Father loves you unconditionally.  He wants you to forgive yourself and your past so you can look in the mirror and love the reflection staring back at you.

Happiness begins with you.  Joyful living begins when you make yourself a priority and take care of YOU.  Remember to always live your life well from the inside out.

Wendy Kay, Affair Recovery and Wellness Coach

Wellness with Wendy, LLC

Website:  www.mywellnesswithwendy.com

E-mail:  wendy@mywellnesswithwendy.com

Discussion Questions: Week 2

This week  we read how God will sometimes allow difficult things to happen to His people for their own good. We learned that God allowed the Israelites to be slaves in Egypt as a way to protect them and keep them “pure.”

We also discussed how at other times difficult things happen simply because we live in a fallen world.

In both instances, God approved or not, God CAN use the experience to GROW us.


No matter what we are going through, God truly does LOVE us.


Discussion Questions

Beauty for Ashes-

Is your heart heavy,
are you in pain
do your troubles . . .
fall like acid rain?

Are you in mourning,
is your heart broken
do you feel as if . . .
time has been frozen?

Are you in despair,
haven’t a notion
are you just going . . .
through the motions?

Do you feel hopeless,
times hitting you hard
has anguish left you . . .
despondent and scarred.

Well don’t you give up,
don’t fall into a heap
joy will come after
all the tears you weep.

God’s making something,
beautiful out of you . . .
just give Him your cares
and all things He’ll make new!


Copyright 2014
Deborah Ann Belka

  1. Is there a time in your life when you did not understand something that God allowed to happen?
  2. During this time how did you react to God?  Did you run towards Him or away from Him?
  3. If you were mad at God, did you tell Him?
  4. How did God react to you? Did you sense that He was trying to tell you something?
  5. Did God bring anyone into your life to comfort you and try to lead you closer to Him?
  6. Do you find it easy or difficult to let God have your pain?  Why?
  7. How has God grown you through a painful experience?
  8. What is your big “takeaway” this week?

The Devil’s Dominoes




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cover nb


My Story:

Don’t “play” with the devil.  Do not even touch his dominoes-even with the lightest touch of your pinky finger! He is a master gamesman.  He will suck you in.  You will come crashing down just as fast as those dominoes do!  I know this first hand.  Save yourself the heartache and learn from my mistake before you lose so much more than just a simple kid’s game!

My game with the devil should have never happened. I was raised in a Christian home, my father was a deacon, I was baptized at the age of 9, and yet I decided to play. I knew what sin WAS and had been WARNED about the devil, but I touched that domino! I became a sinner, a hypocrite, and a person that I totally despised!

My fall began with the infamous Facebook friend request.  That sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it?  Well, it wasn’t!  That friend request was the first step onto sin’s pathway.  I should have never hit the accept button.

Facebook was a hot new thing in that day.  Everyone was using it to reconnect with old friends and past school acquaintances.  People were searching out all the people that they had lost touch with over the years.  I decided to do the same.

I remember fretting about what picture I should use for my profile.  Did I look fat in it? Did I look old, uncool? How would my old high school friends perceive me now? In a way, I felt like I was in high school again. The excitement of seeing old classmates and crushes was surreal!  What were they all doing now?  Would they like my pictures?  Would they think my comments were funny?  Would they message me?  Oh, my!  The pressure and the excitement were upon me in a huge way! I felt 17 years old again and it felt good!

Then the incredible happened!  I checked my email one Friday afternoon, and I had a notification for a friend request. This particular friend request was about to start the sin wheel in motion.   The request was from an old “friend”.  Seeing the notification gave me butterflies.  I felt all tingly and weak-kneed. After years of being “numb”- I was FEELING AGAIN!!!!!

Did I accept my old “friend’s” request to be my Facebook friend?  Are you kidding me….Of course I did!  I was in an unhappy marriage, and I was lonely.  I was totally disconnected from God and Satan knew it. The devil used this opportunity to grab me. I accepted that friend request so fast that my finger had a trail of Hell’s smoke coming off of it as it hit the “accept” button!

Getting attention on Facebook felt so right! I felt HAPPY! God wants me happy!  God is love!!  God loves me no matter what I do!  These were the half -truths that Satan was feeding me.  God did love me.  God did want me happy, but this friendship was WRONG- it would lead me to sin.  No sin is ever the answer.  God never wants His children to sin.   He knows that sin causes pain and hurt.  Love, true love, does not cause pain or hurt.

Looking back on it now, my fall was so predictable. I can clearly see where I was headed and how it was all going to end, but alas I continued down the path. I was under sin’s spell so deeply.  I am not even sure if knowing the end result would have stopped me. I was in love with the thrill and excitement.  Once you take the first baby step into sin, each step gets so much easier and so much more addictive.

The devil is a master deceiver. He is sneaky.  He is very good at what he does.  He chooses our WEAKEST moments to invite us to PLAY. He is a brilliant monster.  He has time on his hands. He works patiently and methodically to get us one baby step at a time onto his “game board”……………………….

He LURES us to “play”- He Bribes us with false happiness- THEN he DESTROYS us- BEWARE MY FRIENDS!!!!

My advice to you-

DO NOT PLAY with the devil!!!

IF you have BEGUN a game with THE EVIL ONE- STOP PLAYING IMMEDIATELY- throw away the game board and NEVER LOOK BACK!!!

In times of loneliness- BE ON YOUR GUARD because Satan is READY and WAITING to POUNCE!!!

DON’T be deceived with FALSE hopes of finding happiness through SIN’S DOOR- True happiness DOES NOT LIVE THERE!

STAY CONNECTED TO GOD!!!!  No matter WHAT you are feeling or going through- CLING TO GOD’S HAND- He WILL get you through to the other side SAFELY!!!!  J J J

GOD RESTORED ME!!!!!  He IS THE GREAT RESTORER!!!!! … HE CAN and WILL HEAL you if you are hurting!!! J

My RESTORATION STORY will be posted SOON- join this blog for updates!!!


My STORY- the “Fall” AND the “Restoration”

sad to happy

I feel like I need to “SHARE” my story with you.

I want you to KNOW me.

It is important to me that you have an understanding of where I have been….  AND a clear picture of where I am NOW.

I want to give ALL of my life to God- the good, the bad, and the ugly!!!

If the Lord can use MY STORY to HELP a hurting person, or STOP someone from FALLING- I WANT HIM TO DO JUST THAT!!!!

I will be posting my story in segments….  beginning with “MY FALL”…..

Before I begin, I want it noted that- I WILL NOT reveal ANY details that will further hurt ANY of the parties involved….  I KNOW that the DEVIL was the ONE in control of what happened, so the NAMES and personal details are NOT IMPORTANT- SATAN and myself  are the ones to blame for my fall-