YOU- yes YOU …… NEED some SERIOUS HELP!!!!!


In my last post ( STOP DATING, Girl!!) ….I shared with you the beginning of MY RESTORATION.

I began telling you how God was “coaxing” me OUT of the dating world by surrounding me with “emotionally unavailable” people.

He needed to get me to STEP ONE:  HUMBLE YOURSELF!

I am a little bit hard-headed or I would have KNOWN to NOT DATE  AFTER my divorce anyway!  MANY people had told me to wait and give myself TIME to heal, BUT I felt that I was the EXCEPTION…  I was ALREADY HEALED!!!  I was away from an unhappy marriage and I was READY to find LOVE….. Uuuuggggggg- was I WRONG!!!!!  I NEEDED SERIOUS HELP and God KNEW IT!!!!

We have all heard that God CAN USE ALL things for HIS GOOD and THAT is EXACTLY what HE DID!!!!  God used these “emotionally unavailable” dates to  ACTUALLY help me!

This is how He did it…  the Lord GUIDED our conversations!  It is a fact that wounded people usually talk QUITE A BIT about their feelings, and they tend to BLAME other’s for their sadness.   My “scarred” dates did this on a REGULAR basis.  As you can imagine, these dinner conversations ended up to be the opposite of LIGHT HEARTED and FUN,  BUT they LED me closer to MY RESTORATION- which was God’s ULTIMATE GOAL!!!!

By listening to these wounded souls I realized that I, “Leslie the healed”,  just may be a little “wounded” myself …..  AND that I needed to OWN up to MY  FAULTS!!!

Afterall, I WAS at LEAST HALF of the reason that my last marriage was so bad in the FIRST PLACE!

These individuals and our conversations led me to LOOK at myself in a DEEPER way and realize that  I  NEEDED GOD MORE THAN EVER!!!

I began paying attention to some of the sermons and books that my “dates” were mentioning.  I decided to check them out.

I became borderline OBSESSED with learning and growing!!!!  I read and listened to EVERY Christian author and pastor that dealt with love and relationships.   I had FAILED at my previous relationship, AND I DID NOT WANT TO EVER FAIL AGAIN!!!!

One of the first sermons I listened to came from the series , “Love, Sex, and Dating” by Andy Stanley at North Point Church. It WAS AMAZING!!!!  It REALLY HIT HOME WITH ME!!!  iI realized that I NEEDED to BECOME the PERSON that I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!!  Doing this was going to take TIME, EFFORT, and PRAYER.

Here is the link:

At this same time I also began purchasing CHRISTIAN relationship  books…..

Some really powerful books that I read were, Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

There are MANY other INCREDIBLE books out there by Christian authors, I suggest you read the ones that SPEAK to you!!!  🙂

These books led me FURTHER down God’s path…..  My next post will be about how GOD SURROUNDED me with Christian friends-  which I DESPERATELY NEEDED….


I hope you are noticing the different  “STEPS” in my RESTORATION PROCESS…..

I am intentionally posting details about EACH one ….. in the hopes that YOU


More coming soon……  🙂

My STORY- the “Fall” AND the “Restoration”

sad to happy

I feel like I need to “SHARE” my story with you.

I want you to KNOW me.

It is important to me that you have an understanding of where I have been….  AND a clear picture of where I am NOW.

I want to give ALL of my life to God- the good, the bad, and the ugly!!!

If the Lord can use MY STORY to HELP a hurting person, or STOP someone from FALLING- I WANT HIM TO DO JUST THAT!!!!

I will be posting my story in segments….  beginning with “MY FALL”…..

Before I begin, I want it noted that- I WILL NOT reveal ANY details that will further hurt ANY of the parties involved….  I KNOW that the DEVIL was the ONE in control of what happened, so the NAMES and personal details are NOT IMPORTANT- SATAN and myself  are the ones to blame for my fall-