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Bible journaling and art accompany each Bible Study lesson!!!  

I am a Christian woman who is on a pilgrimage to experience God’s love in a deeper and more powerful way.  I would LOVE for you to join me!  The plan….. together WE will search for God where we KNOW He was and STILL IS – in His Word!! Reading and studying The Word of God is probably not new for many of us.  If you ever attended a VBS or a Sunday school class , you were most likely introduced to some of  the Gospel stories from a young age. There may have even been a felt board with cut outs of animals and angels involved, but now as adults, some of us are craving MORE!  I am ONE OF THOSE- are YOU???!!! I have led many Bible studies in the past. Each time I lead a study I find myself always wanting MORE- MORE history, MORE meaning, MORE relevance to my life, MORE GOD!  If this sounds like you- Welcome to OUR journey ! I am excited for us to share our findings and thoughts with one another as we search for God in all the “old places.”

I hope you decide to “follow” this blog and visit it often.  There will be new LOVE QUESTS to join. Each of these quests will be centered around ONE goal… to DRAW you CLOSER to God!! We will not only study God’s Word together, we will take time to FEEL His LOVE through our quests!  There will be art activities to create, journal prompts to finish, and discussion questions to discuss.  All of these activities will be designed to MOVE us CLOSER to our Heavenly Father!  Are you ready to FEEL GOD’S LOVE on a DEEPER LEVEL????

The design of the studies will be very flexible. You can work at your own pace- no pressure….  participate in as many parts as you desire. Invite a group of friends to participate with you, OR join solo- either way- you will NOT be alone on your journey!!! 🙂 🙂

Information for the Bible Study can be found by clicking on the tab:  Amazing Bible Study and reading the information. Each week there will be a new lesson, an art activity, and a reflection piece.

Feel free to also join our Facebook GROUP page:   ……. this is where we will discuss the lessons and share thoughts as a group….  Facebook is totally OPTIONAL

ALSO- take time to read the devotions and inspirational stories …..

I am SO glad you are here!!!


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108 thoughts on “Begin your QUEST here………………

  1. I would like to know what art supplies to use for bible journaling that will not bleed through or damage my pages. I have some supplies to use. This will be for my ladies Sunday school class.

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    1. I posted your question on our Facebook page and here is one response : Water colors in tray, acrylic paints, stickers, stencils with sprays (make your own using acrylic paint and water!), micron pen (I use .01, .03 & .05. Colored pencils, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons. Stickers (I use glossy accents under them so they don’t lift). Washi tape. Tip out cards (create cards with card stock or watercolor paper, adhere to bible page with Washi tape.


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